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Empowering Change

Highlights From the ANA Masters of Marketing Conference 2023

Attending the ANA Masters of Marketing Conference was so much more than a professional development opportunity. It was a profoundly inspiring experience. Beyond the industry insights and technological marvels, the conference underscored the immense responsibility we, as marketers, bear in shaping a more positive digital landscape, especially for our community’s youth.

I learned the alarming statistic that three in four children struggle with depression, which is a stark reminder of the impact our digital footprint can have on vulnerable young minds. It emphasized the urgency for brands to use their influence to spread positivity, support mental health initiatives and foster a nurturing online environment.

One of the shining examples of using influence for good came from Dove, a brand that consistently empowers women worldwide. Dove's commitment to fostering self-confidence and challenging beauty stereotypes has set a remarkable precedent. Their campaigns not only sell products but also inspire generations, reminding us of the impactful role brands can play in societal transformation.

Another beacon of inspiration was Land O’Lakes, a brand that uplifts the agricultural community. In a world where only 1 percent of the population works in agriculture, yet they feed 100 percent of us, Land O’Lakes shed light on the invaluable contributions of farmers. Their campaigns not only celebrate the hard work of farmers, but also raise awareness about the agricultural industry's challenges, encouraging consumers to appreciate the food on their tables in a new light.

One of the most impactful presentations for me personally, though, was from Girl Scouts. They might be known for their delicious cookies, but they have so much more cooking. Their Fair Play, Equal Pay® program aims to close the gender pay gap. It was a powerful reminder that organizations can be catalysts for change, not just through their products or services, but by championing noble causes that uplift communities and pave the way for a more inclusive society. The Girl Scouts' unwavering dedication to equity and opportunity resonated deeply, inspiring everyone present to reimagine their roles in shaping a world where everyone, regardless of gender, can thrive and achieve their dreams.

Armed with these insights, I’m embracing a purpose-driven approach more passionately than ever before. We are committed to crafting campaigns that not only drive business but also uplift spirits, challenge norms and foster empathy. At Hunter, we use our influence to create a brighter, more empowering digital world for this generation and those who follow.

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