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Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA)

As soon as “bussin” — meaning really good, pleasant, cool, etc. — entered the Gen Z lexicon, we knew we needed to use it in a transit-themed social post. The perfect opportunity arose when a nighttime video shoot generated some flashy bus footage that 
begged to be shared in a reel. 

In this social media video, the incredible video footage is the star. Stylistically, we mirrored popular filming techniques from the car enthusiast community. We also kept the copy short and sweet so the “bussin” 
pun could have its moment: “Your car may be cool, 
but our vehicles are… bussin’” … mic drop. 


  • 29,274 organic impressions

  • 1,583 organic engagements

  • 295 shares across channels

  • 12,800 Instagram views (over 7x the average views per video)

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