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BTS WITH DPS  |  Columbus Department of Public Service

The Columbus Department of Public Service (DPS) needed a branded series that would capture the attention of their social media audiences and educate Columbus residents about the teams on the streets. First, we created a name for the series: “Behind the Scenes with the Department of Public Service,” or “BTS with DPS” for short. We worked with each division to identify upcoming projects that would translate well to video. Then, we tapped Kane Murray, community relations coordinator for DPS, as our host. For the content, we drew inspiration from shows like “How It’s Made” as well as “oddly satisfying” videos that have surged in popularity with the rise of TikTok. We knew we could showcase the nitty-gritty processes within the DPS in a way that would keep viewers engaged past the three-second mark. We kept the videos relatable and authentic by using real-time footage of the real teams behind the scenes — no actors here!

These videos have helped to create an unprecedented understanding and empathy for DPS employees. It’s easy for residents to complain when they don’t approve of their refuse collection schedule or the speed at which potholes get repaired, but once they see the humans behind the services, they are much more likely to empathize. The “BTS with DPS” campaign generated important brand affinity for the entire department for celebrating our City employees and, as one Facebook commenter wrote, showing “the people who do the real work.”

  • 513,618 users reached

  • 275 total shares

  • 2,440 total reactions

  • 190,055 through-plays

  • $0.02 cost per through-play


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