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Hunter Loves Transit

Marketing for the mobility sector and why it matters

At Hunter, we’re transit geeks who are passionate about moving the mobility sector forward. We help transportation brands across the country develop dynamic campaigns that inspire action and get results.

So why transit?

While Hunter operates in a wide array of verticals — from quick-service restaurants to a Fortune 20 global enterprise — we pride ourselves on specializing in public transportation. The mobility sphere is the connective tissue that keeps a community moving, and a strong transit system with effective communication can have a dramatically positive impact on the everyday lives of residents, as well as a region’s overall economic development.

Transit and economic development

First, let’s talk about the big picture. According to the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) 2020 report on the Economic Impact of Public Transportation Investment, investment in public transit can yield a 5 to 1 economic return. For every $1 we invest in public transit, we generate $5 in economic return! When it comes to jobs, investment in transit can yield 49,700 jobs per $1 billion invested.

When it comes to creating a more prosperous community, strong investment in public transportation is a no brainer. At Hunter, we feel great about empowering and uplifting public transportation systems because we know the tangible, positive impact that this work will have on our community for this generation and all those who follow.

Mobility options are powerful

When it comes to public transportation, the individual is just as important as the big picture. According to the same report, people who shift from driving to transit save an estimated $9,797 per year! This is because public transportation doesn’t burden individuals with the fixed costs of owning a personal vehicle, like a license, registration, fuel, maintenance and insurance.

Transit is a vital public service. It shapes each individual’s ability to access basic necessities, connect to healthcare, pursue job opportunities, support local businesses and reach new opportunities. This is why we believe that access to mobility options is powerful. Whether you choose to ride the bus, walk, bike, scoot or drive, your decision is impacted by the infrastructure that’s available to you. Our marketing campaigns help current and soon-to-be transit customers unlock all of their mobility options to help move every life forward.

We walk the walk

At Hunter, we don’t just talk the talk when it comes to public transit. We walk the walk and ride the bus! Every Hunter is given free, unlimited access to COTA’s fixed-route services and CoGo bike share through the C-pass program, and we strongly encourage our team to choose public transit as a primary form of transportation.

Marketing that moves

Hunter is transforming how public transit providers engage with their communities through impactful marketing strategy, razor-sharp creative processes and compelling storytelling. As an agency immersed in the mobility sector, we know how to leverage owned assets, earned media, partnership marketing and highly targeted paid media in a way that resonates with transit customers and the broader community. From recruitment campaigns that deliver qualified candidates to service messaging that makes moving more affordable, Hunter is home to mobility masters.

We love transit, and we’re excited to bring you along for the ride. Let’s get moving!

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