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Dynamic Marketers and Adventurous Creatives Who Inspire Action and Get Results.

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Social Strategy & Engagement

These are our tools. Whether you need an overarching strategic plan or a click-worthy email, Hunter gives your brand a voice.


Campaign Development


Analysis and Reporting




Media Planning & Buying


Partnership Marketing


Brand Management


Email Marketing


Video Storytelling


Strategic Planning


Pink is playful, bold and fierce, just like Hunters.


Pink is so much more than a color – it is a reflection of our bright personality, strong sense of integrity and boundless capacity for joy. We wear it like a badge of honor and welcome new opportunities with vivacious energy.

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Lisa Wein

Owner of LW Events

“Hunter Marketing provides superb marketing and communications advice to both LW Events and the clients we serve. LW Events has partnered with Hunter Marketing on several projects, and they have provided excellent and consistent marketing tools that have enabled us to grow and thrive!”

Eric Heis 

Head of Public Affairs for Illuminate USA

“We were focused on hiring, but Hunter Marketing targeted ads and recruitment events so that we were fully staffed up before our target dates, allowing us to concentrate on building the company. Hunter’s strategy was so effective, we had to cancel future planned hiring events so our HR team could handle the volume of qualified applicants! We’re excited to continue our work with the dedicated and passionate Hunter team as we continue to staff up and build a brand in the region.”

Shawn Cowan

Communication & Outreach

Manager at BCRTA

“Working with Elle and her team of Hunters has been an amazing experience. The team at Hunter is incredibly talented. They take the time to get to know you as a client and to truly understand your brand.  They are intuitive, responsive, flexible and passionate. Thank you, Hunter!”

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We work with clients who also want to leave this world a little (or a lot) better than they found it.

Hunter News

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